Should I hire a graphic designer?

yes to graphic design

Is graphic design all it’s cracked up to be?

Well the simple answer is YES!

Do you have important material that needs to be professionally presented to readers, an audience, prospective buyers, shareholders or the public?

If you answered yes, you need to hire a graphic design professional.

Just as you would hire an accountant for the professional recording of your business transactions, so too should you employ a qualified graphic designer to transform your communication ideas into engaging material.

Perhaps you are running an event and want to impress stakeholders. To ensure your brand is presented professionally, a graphic designer can create all the materials you need to showcase your company – invitations, agendas, press and digital ads, banners, signage, exhibition stand design, merchandise and more. They can tailor make a suite of products to make your brand shine!

Technical graphic design skills

One of the best things about hiring a qualified graphic designer, is that they understand the difference between creating materials for print and digital outcomes. Good graphic design isn’t just about making things look pretty. It’s also about ensuring technical requirements are met to produce quality print and digital products.

Don’t second guess technical requirements – let the professionals do it and you’ll achieve high end results every time.

Graphic design and document formatting

Document design and formatting is an area where a qualified graphic design professional can make all the difference to your Annual Report, Corporate Brochure or Product Advertising.

Graphic Designers are gurus when it comes to graphic and text composition, document layout and formatting. A well constructed document can make the world of difference to readability and general reader engagement. A beautifully presented document with well thought out formatting makes the reader want to find out more!

So is graphic design worth it?

Ask yourself this….”does the end result matter?”

If the answer is yes, employ a professional graphic designer today.

Creative Boost can manage all your graphic design requirements including:

  • logo design/stationery artwork
  • document design and formatting
  • annual reports
  • brochures/flyers
  • signage/posters/banners
  • invitations/place cards
  • magazines/newsletters
  • catalogues/menus
  • caps/t-shirts/merchandise
  • labelling/packaging
  • print & web advertisements
  • EDMs (MailChimp newsletters)
  • WordPress content and image updates
  • and more!

We create professional communication products for digital and print use. We are also excellent content and blog writers!

We offer a competitive flat hourly rate of $65 and pride ourselves on delivering products on time.

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