Choosing the perfect colour palette


Choosing the perfect colour palette can be challenging at times. It can often feel like we’ve exhausted all possibilities. But there are many ways to find colour palette inspiration. Here are five:

Look to nature
This is by far my favourite place to look for colour palette inspiration. You simply can’t go wrong. It all works. Step outside the studio and take a look around. You will find endless colour combinations right before your eyes.

Flip through a magazine
Sounds simple doesn’t it. Well it is. Pick up any magazine, especially a creative one, and thumb through the pages. Highlight the pages you like and get creating with your selected colour combos.

Sift through your wardrobe
Textile and fashion designers have a great eye for colour. Sift through your wardrobe for colour, texture or graphic inspiration. You’ll be surprised what working colour combinations you’ll find.

Take a drive through the streets
This is another great way to find colour inspiration as it will open your mind to seeing things you may not normally notice. Whether it’s a roadside sign, the reflection of light on a window or the colour of a fence or house; colour inspiration is all around.

Visit a homewares store
Gorgeous colour combos are abundant in interior design. Take a look in your favourite homewares store. Check out the throws, cushions, bedroom furnishings, plates, towels and more. Pay attention to how the items are displayed in each section. Voila – the perfect colour palette is born.

Finding colour palette inspiration is all about opening your eyes to the colour that surrounds you in every day life.

Remember there are thousands of resources online too – just think Pinterest, Instagram, Stock Libraries and more.

Top image: Saffu on Unsplash

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