Improve your Creativity

It is easy to improve your creativity. Just open your mind and view things a little differently, and you’re on the road to success.

Try these tips below to improve the flow of insightful imaginings.

Choose and accept creativity
Don’t wait for creativity to strike. Choose to be creative in all that you do. Allow creativity to play a role in your daily thoughts and actions. Start everything with creativity in mind and allow it to flow from there.

Allow yourself to daydream
Yes daydream – stare off into the blue yonder and set your imagination free. New ideas and insights occur most often when our minds are relaxed. So take some time to sit and stare out the window. Keep a notebook nearby and write down any exciting or creative thoughts that cross your mind.

View things differently
Expand your thinking and allow your mind to be open to all sorts of possibilities. Viewing things in ways we’ve never thought of before, allows us to be creative and develop solutions to all sort of things. Look at everything as if you’re seeing it for the first time.

Build a creative network
Surround yourself with creative people – those who share similar interests and are open to exploring the world creatively. When we interact with other creatives we are able to share theories and bounce ideas off each other. These relationships breathe innovation.

Be playful
Let your imagination run wild every day. Allowing yourself to be playful will naturally lead to free-flowing thoughts and creativity. Whether you choose to jazz up your wardrobe with funky accessories or run around gleefully with your puppy, pathways to invention will open.

Trust yourself
This is probably the most important of all theories. Trust yourself. Don’t be afraid to put your creative ideas into action. Being brave enough to put your ideas out there is one of the best things you can do to develop intuitive creative confidence.

So get started. Don’t wait. Improve your creativity!

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